Sunday, May 15, 2011

Everyone's favorite Olsen twin

By and large, I think it’s safe to say that Mary Kate Olsen is America’s favorite of the famous sister-act empire that is “the Olsen twins.” What with her famously publicized eating disorder, rehabilitation treatment for incessant drug use, and layers and layers of bag lady style of dress, MK never ceases to amuse.

My sister introduced me to Very Mary Kate, a web series by NYC actress Elaine Carroll, this past winter break, and I’ve since been hooked to this hilarious woman’s spot-on imitation of everyone’s favorite Olsen twin. Elaine has unfortunately taken a break from the series for a while, but I eagerly await her return. It doesn’t get much more Olsen than this. Here’s my favorite Very Mary Kate webisode:


JUST ME said...

Alright - the world is weird.

First time on your blog, and while I agree that MaryKate is some kind of old person trapped in a skinny young person's body, the *weirdest* part about this video is that I KNOW - or rather, KNEW - the Asian kid in it. Yup. We used to act together for years in NH.

His mom made him practice the piano like 2 hours a day.

How fucking odd is THAT?

Brooke said...

Really? Small world. That's really cool, though!

threetimesf said...

Love the new header!

katie said...

The Olsen girls used to be so pretty. I have no idea what happened, but MAN have they aged horribly. (It's not just the typical "getting older" thing you know? They look like mini old people.)

Brooke said...

Yea, the Olsens' sense of style has really uglified them. It's a shame cause they used to be really pretty.

Thanks, Sophie!

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