Monday, May 9, 2011

New feature! Etsy love: First edition, vintage blue

I've decided to do an Etsy feature, titled Etsy Love, whereby I will gather the images of things I like on Etsy from time to time and share them with you all. To start, today we have an assortment of vintage blue items because, if you couldn't already tell, blue's my favorite color. ;) Of these pieces, I like the bird neclace the best. Which one's your favorite?

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Jacque said...

Oh I love blue! Too many great things to choose from, I like the suitcases, the purse, and the decorative box. :)

Diane. said...

suitcases for sure!

Sarah said...

Adorable...I like the flowers on the top right hand and the purse with a bow on it. Gotta love that Tiffanys blue color!

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