Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New layout!

In a couple of earlier posts, I mentioned working on learning CSS so I can create my own layout. Well, here it is! My first ever self-made layout. :) I feel very accomplished. It took foreeeever to find HTML/CSS tutorials that actually contained useful information. And that were clear.

It also took a lot of playing around with CSS values to get everything to fit properly. There are some kinks I still have work out, like changing my post title font and figuring out how to get my links to open on the current page and not on a whole new one, but for now, I'm happy with how everything turned out.

I'd entertained the idea of purchasing a custom design from one of the other bloggers out there, but I didn't want to spend $50-$75 on a layout that I could learn how to make myself. So here it is - the fruits of my labor. :)

What about you? Did you make your own layout, purchase a custom design, or use a premade Blogger template, and are you happy with it?


Toni Rose said...

Dear Brooke,

pardon me by asking your age on my previous comment. i just noticed your profile now :))

anyway congrats on the new layout!

wish i new how CSS works!


theaprilblake said...

Great job on the new layout! Thanks for making me want to watch Borat tonight, yes?!

Cait said...

Love the layout, I want to learn html/css so I can play around with my layout, but I have no idea where to start lol!

Lu3Lu said...

Hey, I'm your newest follower!
Love the layout.

Erin Dawn said...

Nice layout! I've gotten really into photoshop since I started blogging and I usually make my layouts in there...I'm bad with HTML :/

Amber said...

Congrats!! I taught myself CSS and I remember it being frustrating!

katie said...

I LOVE IT! (I wish i knew CSS, ugggghhhh)

Brooke said...

Thanks guys! Good to have you, LuLu. :) And Erin, you could've fooled me. Your blog is awesome! Haha.

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