Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Featured blogger: Natalie Malik of Awkward & Beautiful

Hey guys, I just came across the prettiest art blog and wanted to share it with you all. I'm not really one to gush over how amazing I think something is, but in Natalie's case, I think I will. :)

I love how her journalings incorporate a number of different elements, from graphic/web images and magazine cutouts, to scrapbooking materials and handwritten or typed text. The acryllic paint she frequently uses and blends together various shades of makes her pieces pop. Her artwork is truly one of a kind and an inspiration. I wish I were so artistically inclined! Here are some of my favorite pieces of Natalie's:

Visit her at Awkward & Beautiful. Hope everyone has a good rest of their Tuesday!


Natty said...

*blush* well thank you! :) That was very nice of you.

Toni Rose said...

it looks coooool! :) visiting her right now!

Amie said...

ohh I love this! definitely going to check her out :)

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