Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thing I Like Thursday.

Just another collection of things that tickle my fancy. :)

Cute little hooded pug
This sign needs to replace all "in case of fire" signs everywhere
Bearded hat to keep both his head and face warm (and stylish) during the winter months. :)
Stawberry dessert mice
Possibly in bad taste, but it's funny
Coca Cola bottle design over the years. I prefer the 1899 original.
Donut hole playground tire!
Epic fail and epic win stamps, highly recommended for use by K-12 teachers
 DIY colored car tire garden "pots"
Laundry room island. Making life so much easier for all!


Toni Rose said...

oh brook i love the things you are able to find!

the strawberry mice are cute!

and the tire garden pots and the donut hole!

lol on the fire exit tweeting warning ! hahahahahahahah

love the beard thing too! whatever you call it. is it considered as a hat??? lol

and the epic stamps! FTW! haha

SoYesterday said...

that puppy is sooooooooooooo cute! omg heeh

Kristin said...

That original Coke bottle is absolutely stunning! I want one xD

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