Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday: Thrifty McThrifterson

Good morning, lovelies! This is my first What I Wore Wednesday post. :) So let's get right to it, shall we?
Red lace wool top: Thrifted, $7.50
Light blue crocheted wool top: Thrifted, $7.50
Light brown tweed shorts: Thrifted, $8.50
Gold neclace: Forever 21
Sandals: Forever 21
Bag: Forever 21

I always feel so good when I buy cheap clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. I don't like to spend money shopping all that much. It actually makes me kind of anxious if I do. So whenever I find pieces that I really like and that are cheap, I become very happy. :)

On the agenda today for me is more GRE studying and job hunting, as has been per usual for a little while now. Hope everyone has a good day!


emilie said...

What a cute outfit! Shorts are so in this summer (for more than just weekend wear I mean!). Great outfit!


Cait said...

Those two tops are SO cute! Great thrifted finds :)

threetimesf said...

You clearly have a great thrifting talent! :) Any tips?!

Brooke said...

Thanks Sophie! I wouldn't say I have a talent for it haha. Tipwise, I sift through racks pretty thoroughly in order to spot/not miss out on what could potentially be an awesome find. When I thrift, I look for clothing with a vintagey feel, so I keep an eye out for pieces like that as well. Hope that helps!

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