Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why I Blog.

My blog just turned 3 months old today (which obviously isn’t a significant milestone or anything) but every time the 26th rolls around each month, I become acutely aware of the fact that my blog is getting older little by little. This is of course a wonderful thing and I can’t wait until it turns a year old so I can do something special to celebrate.

But getting back to the point, earlier today when my blog turned 3 months [aww, isn’t that just precious? J] I got to thinking about how I got into blogging and why I enjoy it so much. And you know what? I don’t remember how I stumbled into the blogosphere (maybe I did a Google search for something and a blog popped up as one of the results?) and I don’t know why I derive so much enjoyment from blogging. I just do. I blog because it’s fun. Why is it fun? I don’t know, it just is.

I like taking pictures, editing pictures, looking through pictures, collecting pictures and sharing them with others, etc. I enjoy the whole process that goes into assembling a blog post, from finding something that interests me and that I want to share with others, to the composing of the actual post itself where I sit in front of my laptop and try my best to write creative, engaging, and hopefully sometimes humorous prose. I also like reading other people’s blogs and being exposed to things I wouldn’t otherwise stumble across on my own.

Sometimes people blog in order to get attention. They blog not because they have fun doing it, and not about things they’re genuinely interested in, but because they want an audience, and they write about things they think other people want to read. I know I’m obviously not the first person to say this, but you should blog because it makes you happy, and you should blog about things that genuinely interest you. Otherwise, what’s the point? The feeling of satisfaction you (may) get over the attention you receive from blogging about things that don’t interest you personally but might interest others is ephemeral (yay another GRE word!) and won’t keep you going/blogging for much longer.

I once came across a blog in which the early-to-mid (I don’t really remember) 20-something author wrote something like this on her About page:

The wedding dress was picked. The venue was beautiful. The guests were all seated, poised on the edge of their seats. All that was missing was the runaway groom. Come watch as I pick up the shattered pieces of what was supposed to be my fairytale ending. Stay tuned!”

The above description is not what the author wrote verbatim, but something pretty close to her description of her blog. When I read that, I thought to myself, why would you advertise such a painful moment in your life like that? It’s as if you’re selling yourself as a sideshow attraction or something. Does she (the author) want her being stood up at the alter to be perceived as entertainment? As something that someone reads and finds amusing? I don’t get it. Talking about a failed engagement with friends and family must already be difficult in and of itself. I can’t even imagine marketing it as a way to draw in potential readers. That’s just horrible, if you ask me.

I realize that this post has not only become insufferably long at this point, but that it’s also turned into a bit of a rant. I didn’t start out writing this with the intent of bashing other bloggers or the specific aforementioned blogger above. My objective was to share my motivation for blogging and to get to know some of you a little better. Any time I’ve come across a post where a blogger rants about something, I’ll admit I’ve been immediately turned off by it left the blog immediately. No one wants to sit around and read about someone bitching about something. Who’s to say my opinion matters any more than anyone else’s anyway?

Anywho, I want to thank you if you have taken the time to read this, for I’m quite aware of its length and possibly unbearable rantishness . (I know very few of us have the time and/or interest in reading such long posts.) The important thing, though, is that even if no one reads this in its entirety or comments on it, I enjoyed writing it. And I wrote it because it’s something that matters enough to me to invest the time into composing.

If you’d like to share why you blog, write a post and link it up below! I’d love to read it. J
No linkback required. (Please link to the actual post, not just your blog.)


Ashley said...

i love this. I blog to inspire people to accomplish their goals and do hard things. i blog to motivate people to serve others. it is the most rewarding thing in the world!

Emma said...

Wow, you managed to get 100 followers in 3 months? That's impressive, you should be proud!

I agree with blogging for you, definitely - I had a blog that turned into me writing posts that I thought other people wanted to read, and I ended up hating blogging. So I started a new blog to write what I wanted how I wanted. So far I'm having a lot more fun with the new blog :)

Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing! Congrats on your followers and it's great that you got the hang out it. Blogs are a great way to share whatever you want with others and it's great when other people comment on your thoughts. I recently launched www.whyiblog.com for bloggers to share why they blog and read what others have to say. I would love to hear what you have to say, keep up the great blogging for more months to come!

Juliette said...

I have started my blog almost at the same time than you (but i have wayyyy less followers than you aha!)

Isn't it the coolest way to share interest and fun stuff with great people from everywhere?

I absolutely love blogging!

For me, it is just the perfect way to achived and documenting my life, and specially since i don't live near my family.
Next september my boyfriend and i going to move to Canada and before that we are taking a BIG road trip (3 months) across the USA!

I can't wait to write and post pictures about our great adventures around the globe :)



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