Monday, August 1, 2011

New hair and a big thank you!

Hi there, it's nice to re-make your acquaintance. My name's Brooke, in case you've forgotten. I seem to have taken an extended sabbatical from this here blog for a while-ish. I can't believe I went a whole 3 days without updating GGG or reading any of the blogs I frequent on a daily basis. That's sooo long. ;)

But I'm back and I have updates to share. I dyed my hair (well, Alex dyed it for me) a couple of days ago and the picture above is a before shot of what it used to look like. Below you'll find a mini photoshoot of my new color, which is only slightly darker than it was in the old shot above. The new shade is closer to my hair's natural light brown hue.
Also, Alex and I went to the Ohio State Fair on Saturday, so I'll be updating tomorrow with a whole bunch of pictures fom our adventure. We had so much fun! I'm really excited to share the pictures with you and show you what handmade goodies Alex and I bought from the crafts exhibit. :)

I've got about 3 weeks left here in Columbus before my lease ends and Alex and I have been searching diligently for full-time employment. We're both sort of starting to feel the pressure and have had minor melt downs over the now more imminent seeming likelihood of having to move back to our respective homes. It won't be the end of the world if we do, obviously, but neither of us really wants to move back to suburbia after living in a big college town for the past 4 years. Hopefully we'll both find jobs soon so that we can continue living together. And get a pet dog or cat. We've already started brainstorming a list of names :).

GGG recently reached the 100-GFC-follower milestone and I want to thank all of you for your amazing support throughout my little blog's existence. I love interacting with and getting to know all of you and want you to know how truly happy you've made through your continued support. I'll be hosting a celebratory giveaway in the near future to show my gratitude. If you have any suggestions/ideas for what I should do/give away, feel free to drop me a line; I'm still trying to decide.

Hope your week's off to a good start! See ya tomorrow.


Kirsten said...

YaY for 100 followers! Love the new hair do by the way. I can't wait to get my hair done over, hopefully for fall! Cant wait to see your pictures tomorrow :)


Pretty hair! I'm from the Midwest... yay :)

Lauren @ Heya, Sparky! said...

I always feel the same way when I blog-slack, breaks are hard. :) Congrats on 100 followers!!!!

Thanks for stopping by.

Emma said...

I like the new hair! I definitely need to do something with mine, it's getting pretty dull.

P.S. I gave you a blog award over at my blog:

P.P.S Congratulations on 100 followers! That's got to feel good.

Lily said...

Your new hair is so pretty! I love it! Congrats on reaching 100 followers! :)

Elekon said...

I really love this hair style! suits you so well!

feetfloorgo said...

Your hair does that sweepy fringe thing I can only dream of.... sigh.

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