Thursday, August 4, 2011

Things I Like Thursday

This heart-shaped cookie/fruit cutter

This Get Low by Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz sign

This extremely talented interpetive dance dancing squirrel

These awesome corkscrew stools

These unique Slurpee Halloween costumes

This sweet mini pie maker

This really cool "I pitty the fool!" Mr. T doll

This unique wall outlet

This aquarium restaurant

These awesome toilet paper designs


Lauren @ Heya, Sparky! said...

I think those stool are struts from a car.

Misty Chaos said...

Lovely things ♥
That aquarium restaurant looks awesome (!!)

little said...

just shared the squirrel with the big.

love, little.

The Attic People said...

Those heart fruit cutters are way too cute!

threetimesf said...

Okay, as always I love (and want!) all these things! Seriously, where do you find them?!

I especially need the heart fruit cutters and corkscrew stools in my life! :D

Good work, again, Brooke!

Magical Day Dream said...

Love the heart shaped fruit!



chantilly said...

i *love* that wall outlet! so cute!!

Shannon said...

After I had hip surgery, we hired a cleaning service to take care of the house. When I felt better, I didn't like spending the money, so I cancelled the service and did the cleaning myself, but kept charging my boyfriend.

The way he caught me was when I folded the toilet paper on a different day than the cleaning service would come! That's the only thing he noticed!!


Tara said...

Haha that squirrel made me laugh. And those heart shaped fruits are adorable!

Jamie said...

haha Our junior shirts this year are going to say "To the windows, to the walls, the juniors rock these halls" :)

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