Saturday, August 6, 2011

Winner winner!

I'm super excited to share with all of you the delightful items I won in my first time ever as a blog giveaway winner! Victoria over at Garden of Eden held a June sponsors giveaway that included a bow hair clip from Pie N' The Sky, a $25 gift certificate to Mousevox Vintage, and a pair of bloom rings from Bonita Rose. I wanted to wait until I received all of the items before I wrote a post about them; and now that I have everything, here are the pictures!

The blouse and vest are from Mousevox Vintage, everything else is from my closet.

It felt great to win my first giveaway! Especially considering the wonderful array of items that are now in my posession. I had an incredibly difficult time picking out what I wanted from Mousevox Vintage because not only was there an incredibly large selection to choose from, but I also fell in love with so many items that I had a rather difficult time choosing what to get. Isn't blogging just fantastic? ;) Also, keep your eyes pealed for a giveaway here on Go Grad Girl! I'm thinking of doing one (it's be my first ever!) on Monday.


Kirsten said...

YaY for giveaways! I recently won my FIRST ever giveaway too! I love winning haha Cant wait to check back for YOUR giveaway! I'm thinking of doing one soon! I just need to think of something cool worth giving away haha

Emma said...

I love the outfit you have on! Just checking out your blog after you commented on mine. It's so lovely, definitely going to be added to my bookmarks list!

Congrats on winning the prize, looking forward to see your first ever giveaway on Monday!

Emma x

mygrandmavita said...

congrats on your win...

found my way to you blog from ftlob.

toocrewel said...

That is seriously such a great outfit. The color palette is fantastic. Congrats on your win, you got some great pieces!

Happy Comment Love Day!

Liesi @

♥ Nadine ♥ said...

Congrats on winning these pretties. You are one lucky girl. :)
I love these rings! Also, your outfit is adorable. Your legs are beautiful. :)

Here's to a happy sunday. xoxo.

Amanda C. said...

New follower here stopping by from FTLOB. I'm so jealous, I never win anything! Sigh.

elle said...

I love how pretty and edgy this outfit is! very cute and sassy :) PS- the blog is darling, well done!


threetimesf said...

Woohoo! Love those rings :) very cute!

Susi said...

Very pretty rings!!

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