Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Etsy purchases. {part 1}

Here's the first half of clothing I purchased from what can best be described as an Etsy shopping spree. Every single piece I bought fit perfectly and I couldn't be more excited to wear them this fall. They all have that wonderfully vintage smell that only real vintage clothing has. :) I squealed with delight when I opened my mailbox and saw my packages sitting there waiting for me.


Outfit 1: Shirt, belt, and wedges - vintage, shorts - my closet
Outfit 2: Shirt - vintage, black tank top, shorts, and flats - my closet


Outfit 3: Shirt - vintage, shorts and flats - my closet
Outfit 4: Dress, belt, and boots - vintage, cardigan - my closet

Hat: borrowed

Every single one of these pieces was $10 or under. Can you believe it?! I love buying cheap vintage clothes. It makes me absolutely giddy with delight and satisfaction. The second half of my order should be arriving tomorrow or Wednesday and I can't wait! I probably shouldn't go shopping for the next couple of months, though haha.


DecerningThoughts said...

I Love Vintage! I do a lot of Jewelry that is vintage and I would soooooo not ever part with it. Cute clothes girls!!!


fawnandfoe said...

Loveee that color-blocked shirt! (:

- Jaimie

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