Friday, September 9, 2011

Home decor: wall art.

Now that I know where I'll be living this year, I've started to think about how I want to decorate my new apartment. The living room isn't very large, so I think the walls will be my main focus for decoration. I came across Sarah McNeil's Flickr Photostream while catching up on my of my daily blog reads. I love her portraits of people and animals and the pastel colors she uses in her pieces. My whole apartment is painted a lovely beige color, and Sarah's art would look great on my living room walls. :) Here are some of my favorite prints of Sarah's:




You can find Sarah's blog here and her Etsy shop here.


Carly said...

I think they would look adorable!

indie by heart said...

They're amazing, aww..! Thanks for sharing these, I msut go through that etsy shop soon^^

Thanks for your comment,

Gabby said...

These are so gorgeous and dreamy! I don't know if you got my email but I put your button up :)


Brooke said...

I did. And I put yours up too, Gabby. :)

Cait said...

These are so pretty, very light and dreamy, I've had a look at the etsy shop too :)

gianna caputo said...

these are so peaceful and sweet! love them.

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