Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lookbook lust.

Good morning, lovelies! I thought I'd start off the day with a little fall lookbook eye candy. Love is a UK-based brand made famous through its partnership with internationally recognized clothing conglomerate, TopShop. I love Love's lookbook below; most everything is perfect for fall.

Also, today is my first day at my first real "big girl" job! Wish me luck! :)


Tania said...

Good luck on your job! you will do great :) Thanks for visiting my blog!


Moe said...

Good luck today at your big girl job!!!! love those images too!

Maggie said...

Amazing pics!

x threadbareaffair.blogspot.com

Sarah Swell Jewelry said...

Beautiful, ethereal photos-right up my alley! Hope the new job is everything you hope it will be :)

Brooke said...

Thank you! So far so good haha. :)

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