Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nautical whimsy.

So many beautiful photographs, so little time. Marie of The Dying Swans takes the most beautiful pictures. In fact, she was just recently featured in Nylon Korea magazine for her whimsical  shots. I'm sure I'll feature Marie's work again here at GGG. Check out these beautiful glitter-boat pictures. So dreamy!

Today was my last day of orientation at my new job this week before I officially begin this coming Monday. We've just been going over a lot of mandatory material and filling out of forms for the past couple of days; pretty boring stuff, but necessary to complete regardless. I know for sure that Monday will consist of writing a few press releases (at the very least) about our upcoming year, which I'm looking forward to because I'm pretty much going to be in charge of all of our media and marketing needs.

But before I get down to business, I'll be going home this weekend to visit the fam. My dad's company is celebrating its 100th aniversary which we'll be attending an event in celebration of. Should be a good weekend. Happy almost weekend!


Teaka said...

Those pictures are that breath taking!
Thanks for sharing them!

Monica said...

I wish I could wear that silver eye "makeup"/sequins everyday. so pretty.

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