Thursday, September 1, 2011

Things I Like Thursday.

 Yay for another round of Things I Like Thursday. :) Today I'm liking...
This super organized and well-stocked pantry

These cinammon roll pops with glaze for dipping

This funny sign

This really cool birdcage chandelier

This elegant tent

This weiner hot dog costume

This blue house facade

And this awesome built-in dog crate

These next few days are going to keep me pretty busy. I'm going to Cedar Point with some friends tomorrow and then coming back on Saturday where my parents will be coming down to visit me and help me purchase a car. We're also going to look at some apartments. (Alex and I are hoping to find and move into our new place around the end of this month.) And then two weeks from Monday, I'll be starting my job. Very exciting, indeed. I've also purchased a bunch of really awesome clothes from Etsy over the past couple of days that I'm super excited to post pictures of. I got some really great deals and can't wait to receive my things in the mail. :)

Happy almost weekend!


Amanda C. said...

I love most all foods on a stick. Especially sweets. Cake balls are the best.

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