Tuesday, October 11, 2011

1950s Living Room Admiration.

I'm officially moved in to my new apartment as of this past weekend! At least, all of my stuff is here. Everything is pretty much still in boxes and waiting to be unpacked, but here nonetheless. Alex and I couldn't be more thrilled with our new pad! The appliances are new and the walls are freshly painted a beautifully neutral beige. Plus, the apartment is really close to campus, so we're still near our friends and able to hang out with them. It doesn't hurt that I now only live five minutes from work, either. ;)

The retro furniture I've been collecting over the past month in anticipation of this move is now happily situated in the living room as well. I've acquired a pair of 1960s two-tiered end tables, a mahogany wood coffee table, a pair of 60s retro lamps, and a 70s pine wood TV stand. It doesn't all match, but I love each individual piece and am happy to have gotten my hands on them. My camera is sitting at the bottom of one of my suitcases at the moment, so in lieu of actual photographs of my new space, I'll leave you with some dreamy pictures of 1950s living rooms that inspire me and my retro ways.


Flameheart said...

There's something so cheesy and yet so charming about the 50's. The couches are really cool, especially the blue ones:)

Sarah Swell Jewelry said...

I've become really fond of mid century design. Will you be sure to share the final result?

Brooke said...

I will, Sarah. Just gotta get all of the boxes emptied and cleared out of the way so the floor/carpet is visible haha. :)

Katherine Elizabeth Dominguez said...

What lovely inspiration! I love the retro look... I wish I had lived through it!



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