Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stolen From Grandma.

Of all the blogs I follow (of which there are about 50), I follow a handful or so fashion blogs. One of my favorites is Stolen From Grandma by stylist, Claire McManus. Her style is very girly and feminine, often containing floral elements and chiffon. Claire posts pictures of not only her outfits, but also of photo shoots that she's styled. She recently launched an online SFG store , the campaign pictures for which I think are absolutely gorgeous. They're very professionally done and very much convey the feel of Claire's personal style. You can visit her shop here and feast your eyes on the beautiful campaign shots below.

These past couple of weeks have been really hectic for me, but in a good way. I started my job (two weeks in so far) and moved into my new apartment this past weekend. I haven't unpacked any of my stuff yet, but I plan to throughout the course of this week. It's nice to have a set routine again and I've found that I enjoy working way more than going to classes day in and day out and having homework and exams to worry about. Work is more relaxed and I can actually use my weekends for some R&R instead of for studying.

Blogging has fallen a little bit to the wayside for me as I get my bearings, not only in regard to updating GGG, but also with keeping up on my daily blog reads. I didn't want regular blogging to become a chore for me; I'd rather it be a fun pasttime that I do because I enjoy it. That being said, I have a LOT of pictures I need to post here and am very excited to do so. Here's to a happy and eventful October! :)


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